Every boy deserves a trained leader.

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Orientation Training

Orientation training introduces new leaders to BSA. These training courses are among the first steps a new leader should take, upon accepting a leadership position with a pack, troop, or crew; several sessions deliver usable ideas for a first meeting. All of the following orientation training’s are available online.

Note: Youth Protection Training is mandatory before any volunteer activities.

  • Fast Start: Cub Scout Den Leader
  • Fast Start: Webelos Den Leader
  • Fast Start: Cubmaster
  • Fast Start: Tiger Cub Leader
  • Youth Protection

Leader-Specific Training

Leader Specific training corresponds to the position a leader holds within a unit, and is required for a leader to be considered trained and wear the “Trained” patch on a uniform shirt. As a leader changes positions, additional Leader Specific courses may be required to maintain trained status. All of the following leadership-specific training’s are available online with the exception of “Training the Chartered Organization Representative”.

Note: “This Is Scouting” only needs to be taken once.

  • Cubmaster Training
  • Tiger Cub Den Leader Training
  • Cub Scout Den Leader Training
  • Pack Committee Training
  • Webelos Leader Training
  • Pack Trainer Training
  • Pack Trainer Specific Training
  • This is Scouting

Activity-Specific Training

This category includes training that is required for specific Scouting activities and events. Course details indicate for which leadership positions and what activities the training is necessary.

  • OWLS
  • Safety Afloat
  • Safe Swim Defense
  • CPR Training
  • Basic First Aid Training
  • Weather Hazards

Supplemental Training

This category encompasses training that is designed to supplement basic training and gives leaders additional ideas and skills to use in home units. These courses are sometimes council-wide courses, and provide a variety of diverse, advanced opportunities for leaders.

  • Wood Badge for the 21st Century
  • Cub Scout Leader Pow-wow
  • Leave No Trace Trainer Training