Lion Pilot Information



Back in September we had a council wide online training event for the new Lion cub program. A recording of the session is available on YouTube here:

TAC Lion Program meeting recording


Special note for your unit membership chair…

When registering a Lion Cub with your unit follow these tips:

  • Parents of Lions only need to fill out the parent/guardian information portion of the youth application. There is no need for Lion parents or Tiger Parents to submit a separate application (unless they volunteer in a separate role in your pack).
  • Near the top of the youth application mark the Cub Scout pack circle, for the next section below labeled “For pack registration select one:” leave these blank and write in to right the word ‘Lion’
  • Finally, after the date of birth portion there is a two box spot labeled ‘Grade’, please put the letter ‘K’ to denote the child is a Kindergartener.

Check out this presentation to help guide you through registering your new Lions…




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