Welcome to Mayflower District, serving Boy Scouts of America Packs, Troops, Crews and Lone Scouts in Iceland, Ireland, Norway and the United Kingdom. Below are details of our upcoming events and training opportunities.

A list of Mayflower District’s historical events and patches can be found HERE.

Merit Badge University 2018MBU Logo

(for Boy Scouts and Venturers)
Location: ACS Cobham
Date: 27 January 2018
Registration: Counselors to register by 9 December 2017
MB Schedule available online from 9 December 2017
Scouts to register by 13 January 2018

Merit Badge University is an awesome opportunity for our Troops to pool resources so that Scouts can have the opportunity to work on merit badges which may not be available within a particular troop. How about learning Law merit badge with a lawyer for a Fortune 100 company? How about taking Theatre merit badge from a professional actor? Those are the sort of opportunities which we want to make happen for our Scouts.

Important information about this incredible extravaganza of advancement is contained in the info packet so please read it carefully.

The merit badge schedule and prep work will be available as a Google doc spreadsheet from this page from 9 December 2017. This spreadsheet is kept updated as classes are filled or additional classes are opened.

The Information Pack is available HERE 201801_may_mb_university and should be read by counselors, unit leaders and scouts attending.  There is also a suggested spreadsheet for registrations available HERE 201801_Registration Sheet T123. Contact Luke Johnson (tenskwatawa@gmail.com) to get more information.

Spring Camporee 2018 – Great American Wilderness

(for Boy Scouts & Venturers)

Location: Skreens Activity Centre
Dates: 20-22 April 2018
Registration due by 6 April 2018

When the first white men went west, they were mainly fur trappers and traders trying to make a living from the land. When they met the local tribes already living in the Great American Wilderness, they would learn from them and adopt their customs. The most successful traders were often adopted into the tribes which they traded with. These traders needed by their outdoor skills and wits more than anything else to survive beyond the borders of Western civilization.

So come join us to see if you have what it takes to join these ranks of hearty outdoorsmen (and women)!

The Information Pack is coming Fall 2017.  Contact Luke Johnson (tenskwatawa@gmail.com) to register or to get more information.

Cub Adventure Weekend 2018 – Great American Wilderness

(for Cub Scouts and Families)

Location: Skreens Activity Centre
Dates: 18-20 May 2018
Registration due by 4 May 2018

Westward is the way to adventure this Spring! It is time to explore the vastness of the American Wilderness. Join in a range of Native American games to find out how the West was tamed and the cultures which were there before our pioneering forefathers set their eyes on the land. Fun and games and adventures abound for Cub Scouts (and their siblings) of all ages!

This is Mayflower District’s biggest Cub Scout event of the year so please make certain to mark your Pack’s calendars, tell parents, and ensure your Cub Scouts don’t miss out!

The Information Pack is coming Fall 2017.  Contact Luke Johnson (tenskwatawa@gmail.com) to register or to get more information.

Upcoming Training in Mayflower District

Download the flyer for training opportunities below for more details

Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation
(for Cub Scout Leaders)
Dorneywood, near Slough
4 November 2017

Outdoor Leader Skills
(for Webelos Leaders and Boy Scout Leaders)
Dorneywood, near Slough
4-5 November 2017

Other Resources

Guide to Campsites and Scout Centres in the UK

This guide has been compiled by Mayflower District Scout leaders to assist with planning outstanding outings.  Please feel free to email Luke Johnson (tenskwatawa@gmail.com) for any errors or additions.

Presentation on differences between UK and US Scouts

This presentation was prepared by a Mayflower District Scout leader who is also a scout leader within the UK Scout Association.