Welcome to Mayflower District, serving Boy Scouts of America Packs, Troops, Crews and Lone Scouts in Iceland, Ireland, Norway and the United Kingdom. Below are details of our upcoming events and training opportunities.

A list of Mayflower District’s historical events and patches can be found HERE.

Merit Badge University 2017MBU Logo

(for Boy Scouts and Venturers)
Location: ACS Cobham
Date: 28 January 2017
Registration: Counselors to register by 9 December 2016
MB Schedule available online from 9 December 2016
Scouts to register by 13 January 2017

Merit Badge University is an awesome opportunity for our Troops to pool resources so that Scouts can have the opportunity to work on merit badges which may not be available within a particular troop. How about learning Law merit badge with a lawyer for a Fortune 100 company? How about taking Theatre merit badge from a professional actor? Those are the sort of opportunities which we want to make happen for our Scouts.

Important information about this incredible extravaganza of advancement is contained in the info packet so please read it carefully.

The merit badge schedule and prep work will be available as a Google doc spreadsheet from THIS LINK. The spreadsheet will be kept updated as classes are filled or additional classes are opened.

The Information Pack is AVAILABLE HERE and should be read by counselors, unit leaders and scouts attending.  There is also a suggested spreadsheet for registrations AVAILABLE HERE. Contact Luke Johnson (tenskwatawa@gmail.com) to get more information.

Mayflower Pinewood Derby 2017

(for Cub Scouts & Families) Pinewood Derby Logo

Location: RAF Alconbury – School
Date: 18 March 2017
Registration on the day

The Mayflower Pinewood Derby is open to all Cub Scouts, regardless of where they placed in their own Packs. Cub Scouts will need to bring their 2014-15 cub scout year built car with them to this event. There will not be an opportunity to construct a car at event. 3 race day events: Best of Show, Den’s top 3, District Grand Prix. This is a cub scout only competition, No Dad’s race.
Rules of race: Are per the “Rules in the Box” located in Official BSA Pinewood Derby kits

  1. WIDTH: Car can not be more than 2 3/4 inches wide.
  2. LENGTH: Car can not be more than 7 inches long.
  3. WEIGHT: Finished car can not weigh no more than 5 ounces.
  4. WHEEL PLACEMENT: The car body must be at least 1 3/4 inches wide at the axles. It must clear the ground by at least 3/8 inch.
  5. WHEELS AND AXLES: Use only Official BSA Pinewood derby wheels and axles.
  6. SPRINGING: The car may not ride on any type of springs.
  7. DETAILS: Details such as Steering Wheel, Driver, Decals, Painting, Interior Details are okay. The finished car with details must meet the maximum length, width and weight rules. Cars with wet paint will not be accepted.
  8. ATTACHMENTS: The car must be free-wheeling with no starting devices.
  9. LUBRICATION: Use dry powdered graphite ONLY.


Looking for good volunteers to make this a grand event. Contact John Lindegren (john_lindegren@yahoo.com) for more info.

Fall Camporee 2017 – The Way of the Merry MenRobinHood Logo v2

(for Webelos 2, Boy Scouts & Venturers)
Location: TBC
Dates: TBC
Registration due by TBC

Are you brave enough to take on the Sherrif of Nottingham’s men? Is your moral compass strong enough to do what is right even if it means breaking the law? Join Robin Hood’s men then as they strike a blow at the tyranny of Prince John, the usurper! Activities of skill, strength and intellect await with only the very best to join the Merry Men.

The Information Pack is COMING SPRING 2017.  Contact Luke Johnson (tenskwatawa@gmail.com) to register or to get more information.

Upcoming Training in Mayflower District

Download the flyer for training opportunities below for more details

Trainer’s EDGE
5 November 2016
at RAF Feltwell – Scout Building