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Vince Photo First thank you for looking at our new website. My thanks to Jessica Curtis, Dick Meijaard and all the Scouters who are working to improve the site. For the first bit we just want to make sure that the information is current and easy to update. The second as opposed to our former site, we can share pages with volunteers to edit. Scouting is always better when we can work as a team.

Scouting in Transatlantic Council can be a great experience. We serve 6,000 youth (or at least that is the year end goal), through 2600 great volunteers. The vast geography that we cover which includes Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Southwest Asia also means that it is challenging to have the personal relationship with they key volunteers in each unit. Where Districts may cover a county or two in the United States most of our districts cover several countries and Horizon serves three continents. For volunteers we are here to do what we can to enhance your experience. We have a dedicated team of career scouters, administrative staff, scout shop team, and experienced volunteers who want you to succeed. We are not issued magic wands to find new volunteers, or to make problems disappear or can just drop in to visit. We will do what we can to ensure your success, answer your questions, and find strategies to help your unit serve youth. We know there is not one size fits all solution but the closer we stay to the BSA program the better our local programs serve youth.

A few things to highlight, we do have slots available for the BSA National Jamboree next summer. Our cost is the jamboree cost plus $1600 to provide a program before the jamboree that includes a white water rafting trip, hotels, meals, pick up at airport (Dulles) and drop off. You can be a current TAC Scout or former TAC Scout. The pre-jamboree program is important because we have to camp together as a troop during the jamboree and this is how we get to know each other and work with each other so that the jamboree experience at the Summit is a mountain top experience.

As we enter the fall, I would urge you to register youth and adults as they join. We have a tendency to hold application forms until some magic moment when they arrive. When people fill out forms to join BSA they really think they are members. If the application forms are in a briefcase, on a desk etc. the people who believe they are members are not. If you joined an organization and paid the dues, you would want your application processed so you were  a member. Please do the same for those who join your Pack, Troop, Crew or Post.

Transatlantic Council is participating in the Lion’s pilot program. While this is a pilot program we will waive the additional council fee.

Thank you for all you do and look forward to a great Scouting year in 2016-2017

Yours in Scouting,


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