2014 National Youth Leadership Training
3-8 August 2014, Camp Freedom Oberdachstetten, Germany

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National Youth Leadership Training
NYLT is a must to develop a well-run boy led troop.
The National Youth Leadership Training is a six-day outdoor experience to develop youth leaders for troops and crews. NYLT this year will be at Camp Freedom in Oberdachstetten, Germany 3-8 August. The course is set up to represent a month in the life of a typical Scout troop. Participants will sleep in tents, prepare their own meals by patrols, and will be expected to live by the Scout Oath and Law.

The course will stress two areas of benefits to Youth leaders: (1) outdoor living skills and how they can be passed on to the other members of the troop and patrol, and (2) the skills of leadership that will make the youth leader more effective in his job.

What is its purpose?
To give Scouts and Venturers the confidence and knowledge to lead the troop program

To give youth a basic knowledge of the eleven skills of leadership and help them relate these skills to their troop responsibilities.

To give youth the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with Scouts and Venturers from other troops/crews

To create an atmosphere in which youth will experience the patrol method at its best

To enhance the relationship between the Scout/Venturer and Scoutmaster/Crew Leader To have fun

Who may attend?
Scouts and Ventures participating in the NYLT course live in patrols formed of youth from throughout the council, with youth they have not met before the course. It is highly recommended, therefore, that each course participant be of sufficient maturity and experience as reflected in these requirements:

● Must be at least 13 years old
● Must be First Class or Higher Rank – or equivalent skill level for Venture Scouts• •
● Must have Scoutmaster’s/Crew Leader’s Approval
● Must have long term camping experience
● Must have a valid Annual Health and Medical form (link below). Submitted at check-in. ● A strong personal desire to attend the course

Are any other forms or special equipment required?
An equipment list will be provided no later than the Course Orientation. Most youth participating in an active troop with a good outdoor program should have the necessary gear. Each participant will be required to wear the official Field uniform (Class A), and ensure that badges are properly placed and that the Scout uniform is worn correctly. Two activity uniform (Class B – T-shirt) will be provided. Additional t- shirts will be available at $15 each. Each participant must submit an Annual Health and Medical record when they check-in. This is the same medical form required for summer camp. If the scout is taking medication a Medical Control Form – Parent’s Permission is required for each medication.

What not to bring
NO electronic devices – pagers; cell phone; radios; tape, CD, DVD players; iPods; etc.
NO Troop T-shirts – only NYLT T-shirts to be worn

$230.00 Total Fee – Payment of full fee upfront is acceptable $50.00 due with application
Additional $80.00 by May 1st, 2014
Additional $50.00 by June 5th, 2014
Final $50.00 by July 15th, 2014

Course registration closes July 15th, 2014.

NYLT Course Director: Brian Curtis
Professional Advisor: Pete Maskovich +39 366 953 6564