Duke of Edinburgh Award

Transatlantic Council adopts Duke of Edinburgh Award for Venturers

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The Transatlantic Council is adopting this program to support Venture Crews and Varsity Teams. It requires trained adult mentors and we do not have the capacity to provide a large scale training program across four time zones. We are happy to assist in formation of Crews or Teams who would like to work on this award. Each district will recruit one mentor to work with interested youth in the district until we need to expand to community and finally unit based mentors. Members of Venture Crews and Varsity Teams are all eligbile to pursue the award which is not the case in troops.

The US Award is a unique and exciting self-development program available to all young people worldwide ages 14 to 25, equipping them with life skills to make a difference within themselves, their communities and the world.


Over 8 million people from over 144 countries have been motivated to undertake a variety of voluntary and challenging activities through the International Award program.


The Award began in 1956 in the UK but has spread across the globe, The Award remains as relevant today as ever before and experiences record levels of interest each year. Last year, more than 140,000 participants earned a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award.

The Four Tenants of the Award – Community Service, Physical Fitness, Special Skills, and Adventurous Journey – provide participants with a rare opportunity to better themselves while helping others. The Award program is an incredible growing experience for all who take the challenge to achieve this prestigious honor.

Three Levels

The Award is based around three Levels, each successive one requiring a greater degree of commitment.

BRONZE is for those 14 and older. The minimum period of participation to gain this Award is 6 months
SILVER is for those 15 and older. The minimum period of participation to gain this Award is 6 months
GOLD is for those 16 and older. The minimum period of participation to gain this Award is 12 months

The Award may not be achieved in a shorter time span by working more intensively. Participants must persist for at least the above minimum periods.

It is possible to start at any Level – many participants work their way through all three, while others start at Silver or Gold by fulfilling additional time requirements.

 Adventurous Journey – participants develop an understanding of the environment, and the importance of working together in a team with a common purpose. It can be on foot, by bicycle, boat or on horseback by learning preparation, self-sufficiency and self-reliance.

· Bronze – 2 days+1 night. 6 hours of purposeful activity each day. 

· Silver – 3 days+2 nights. 7 hours of purposeful activity each day.

· Gold – 4 days+3 nights. 8 hours of purposeful activity each day.

Residential Project – Only a requirement at Gold Level. This 5 day+4 night project aims to broaden experience through living and working with others (who are not everyday companions). The project takes place over a period of five consecutive days or two weekends. It requires resilience, adaptability and consideration for others

Time Requirements

Physical Fitness+Skills+Service Plus… Adventurous Journey Total

Bronze 3 months + 3 months + 3 months All participants 2 days + 1 night 6 months

must do an extra 3 months in either Fitness or Skills or Service

Silver 6 months + 6 months + 6 months  Non-Bronze + 3 days + 2 nights

6 months

holders must do an extra 6 months in either Fitness or Skills or Service

Gold* 12 months 12 months 12 months Non-Silver 4 days + 3 nights 12 months

holders must do an extra 6 months in either Fitness or Skills or Service

*Plus additional requirement of 5 day / 4 night Gold Residential Project


 Participants must spend at least one hour per week on each of their chosen activities.

· The core requirements of Fitness, Skill, and Service are completed simultaneously at each level.

· Participants must choose a different activity for each Tenant

 Program Leaders

Advise, guide and assist young people to participate in the Award
Keep records of participants and helpers, collect enrollment forms and participation fees and liaise with the national office
Provide participants with Record Books and other literature
Maintain the operation of the Award program within the unit
Ensure the Awards gained are authorized and presented
Organize and carry out the Adventurous Journey and ensure the safety and well-being of the participants
Ensure the operation of the Award in their unit meets the requirements and standards of the US Award national office