Here are the guidelines for Unit Web Sites as proscribed by the Boy Scouts of America. We may not provide a link to any unit web site that does not meet these standards:

Scouters should exercise propriety and good taste online. Material that will be posted to a unit site or sent from a unit e-mail account should be reviewed by at least three adult members of the unit committee. Access (the ability to place material on the site or send messages from the account) should be controlled by an adult who is responsible to the committee.

Youth Protection
Names, images and especially contact information pertaining to youth members should never be gathered or published over the Internet.

Do not borrow (without permission) content for use in unit Web sites. Written permission should always be obtained, even when the material is declared to be "free" or "public domain;" it might not be.

If you have a unit website, we will be happy to link with you. If you have photographs you should have a release form from the people in the photograph as well as the person who took the photos. Transatlantic Council reserves the right to make the final decision as to whether or not to link to a unit site. All photographs must meet the Youth Protection requirement listed above.

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