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Renew the charter for packs, troops, teams, crews, and ships

Internet Rechartering is available for your unit as of the following dates:

November Recharters: 1 October
December Recharters: 1 November
January Recharters: 1 December
February Recharters: 1 January
March Recharters: 1 February

Internet Rechartering is a service provided by Transatlantic Council through our National Office to enable units to complete portions of the recharter paperwork on-line.

Schedule To Renew a Charter Online

Sixty days before your unit's expiration date, select a renewal processor. The renewal processor attends the October roundtables to receive training and the unit access code. Once the renewal processor logs on the first time the roster is "locked" so if you have applications in the council service center they will not show on your screen. If you have applications that need to be processed (or in the process of being registered, please wait to log on for the first time).

Sixty days before the unit's expiration date, the renewal processor clicks Recharter Now and begins the process

. When the online process is completed, the renewal processor prints the completed charter renewal application.

The unit leader and the Executive Officer (head of the Chartered Organzation) sign the charter renewal application. Bring the application along with the material you received in your recharter packet (such as the Quality Unit application), and all appropriate fees to your district's charter turn-in meeting or how your district handles recharters.

Note: The on-line process does not account for the $1.00 insurance fee per youth member, registered volunteer and adult Tiger Cub partner, nor does it account for Overseas Council fees or Boy's Life sent in bulk to an APO address but the members have local addresses.

Please put in the youth phone number slot the branch of service (or none), Army, Air Force, Navy, USMC, or Non-DoD. DoD civilians should use the branch of service that provides their logistical support. (in other words DoD Civilian is not a valid category for the form). For adults please use your phone number.

PowerPoint Presentation on Internet Rechartering: Internet Rechartering Update

To receive your Unit Charter Renewal Access Code Contact your District Executive, or

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