You are always welcome to come in and shop.  We are open for walk-ins Tuesday-Friday 0900-1530.  We are located on the Franken Kasserne in Oberdachstetten, Germany, just off of B13 between Ansbach and Illesheim.  There are clear signs leading to “Frankenkaserne” coming from both directions on B13.  When you turn off of B13, you will see a green gate straight ahead.  Park in front and give us a call.  Our number is listed on the gate.  We will come out and get you, as we do not have gate guards.  Keep in mind that there is not a gas station, food court or shoppette on our small post.  We are only 15 minutes away from Storck Barracks (Illesheim) and 25 minutes away from Katterbach (Ansbach).  Both posts have gas and food.
GPS tip:  Enter “Munasiedlung” for the city or enter the coordinates:  49 25 32 N, 10 23 10 E
We do not have a street or number.  When you approach Munasiedlung, keep your eyes open for the signs to Frankenkaserne.