Transatlantic Council, Boy Scouts of America
Omaha Beach Camporee

25-27 April 2014

Normandy Picture 

Here is the link for the clean program guide that you can use during the course of the weekend. This is from the newsletter sent on April 19th


We still have room for the Prayer for Peace Ceremony (all those who signed up are good to go), if you would like to go send an e-mail with the number of people to


Please don't forget to download your parking pass, you will not be able to get anywhere near the events on Saturday without it! 2014 Normandy Jamboree Parking Pass

April 8th

The Prayer for Peace is going to be awesome at the Bayeux Cathedral. We have a few hundred slots left (out of 4,500 participants). If you want to go you must register before hand as unless we still have room, we will need to turn you away on Saturday morning. The cathedral can hold only 2,000 people so please register at

MAPS: Map of Parking, Campfire and Ceremonies at St. Laurent  

Map of Parking in Bayeux

GPS Coordinates Camping Omaha Beach in Vierville     Rue de la Hérode - 14710 Vierville-sur-Mer

GPS N 49/22/774/ GPS W 00/54/583/ 

Address for Camping Port'land, Rue du Castel  F14520 Port en Bessin-Huppain

For the GPS you might want to use Rue de Semaphore or put in the Omaha Beach Golf Course and Hotel (Mercure) as that will take you in a more direct route

March 30th Answering Questions

Bungalows: You need to bring towels and sheets. There is only one full size bed per bungalow, the remaining beds are single (twin) beds. You need pillow cases, you need towels (again). The bungalows have four burner stove, microwave, coffee pot, hot water kettle, refrigerator, small freezer and pots and pans, dishes, cups for the max. number of people in the bungalow. When cooking, avoid things that need to be baked in an oven. There is a colander for pasta. I have found bringing the slow cooker works pretty well for going out during the day and then coming back to a nice stew/goulash type meal.

You check in at the Port'land Campground for your bungalow unless you are among the following families who are in Bungalows at Omaha Beach

You will go to the registration table and pick up your key and that way we know you have arrived


Christine Connolly 
Dayna Kaepp 
Cathleen Burke
Alicia Strickland
Tammy Pearson 
Brian Mick
Brian Mick

Feeding for the Saturday night dinner

First, plan on a 20-30 minute walk from the multi-media event to Vierville. For cars parked you could move to Vierville (avoiding the traffic circle as they will be dismantling the show) and park along the road coming down. For buses, by the time you would walk to the bus, you would be halfway there or more. That is why we think it is important that you plan a snack after the campfire and before the multi-media presentation.

When you arrive at the meal site, you will go to your district and those who are joining us from outside our council, you will be proud members of the Mediterranean District as your distribution point

You will receive a box(es) with an orange bag for everyone who is registered for the event. In this orange bag you will have your drink (water), and dessert, and plastic ware. You distribute the bags to everyone in your unit (returning the extra ones if there are any to the distribution point as we know we won't get this exactly right so we are counting on the extra bags to help where we may be short.) You put the orange bag over your wrist and then go to your district food distribution point and get your paella (there are different types including vegetarian). You then eat your meal with your unit and then put all your trash in the orange bag and throw it in the bin(s) provided. 

As one district finishes and if there are lines for other districts, feel free to get served in the "shorter" line. We are as anxious as you are to get everyone fed.

How come bungalow names aren't on the sheet with all the units?

People having booked bungalows have been paying and have been in communication with the office. Everyone is at Port'land other than the six families in Omaha Beach.  That does mean that in a few cases the unit is at Omaha and the bungalow is at Port'land. We have tried to keep that to a minimum but in one or two cases we were not able to do that. It is a good drive (20 minutes between both campgrounds).

Why aren't we asking for Arrow of Light/Crossover Names

We expect a lot of Arrow of Light/Crossover and it would take well over a half hour to call the names and history has that a lot won't have arrived yet. (it is hard to judge distance and parking and walking). We are asking the unit leaders/Webelos leaders to present their youth to Akela for the presentation.


LATEST NEWS MARCH 17, 2014 (well and some on the 18th)

Uniforms: Please wear your full uniform on Saturday if you are attending the Ecumenical Messengers of Peace program at the Bayeux cathedral. It would also be appropriate for Scouts being presented their Eagle Scout Badge, Scouters being presented Wood Badge, Venturers receiving their Silver Award, and recipients of the Adams Award (best Eagle Scout project the District). We would very much like everyone to wear their full Scout uniform on Sunday at the American Cemetery

Unit Fee: Many units want to pay the fee but cannot find it on the registration form. There are two pages to the registration form so on page two of registration you can pay the fee (you don't have register again) and you can also pre-order Normandy Historic Trail Patches that will be in your registration packet.

Normandy Merchandise: You can also use to pre-order any Normandy merchandise that you would like. On the merchandise form there is an extra event patch, this is a special patch that was made for this event that is in addition to the event patch that will be given to each participant (the one with the girl/woman with the soldier/scout). There is a photo of the patch on the merchandise page. This badge will be sold. The event patch will not be sold.

Bugler Needed: We lost our you have a Scout (preferably) who plays the bugle well enough to play TAPS after the fireworks on Saturday night and to play at the American Cemetery on Sunday morning. Please let us know at if you have someone (if you have an adult we will take him or her as well in case we cannot find a scout). We may have one coming from Vermont!

UNESCO Petition: Please continue to push the petition. It can be found at

For 100 or more signatures either

 on a paper petition or through the website (Scout's honor)

we will award a Normandy Pin. Email for your pin.



Link here to download the Paper Petition and send to

Awards at Campfire  Do you have an Eagle Scout, Venturing Silver Award or Girl Scout Gold Award to be presented at the campfire. If so please fill out the form so we can be prepared to make a presentation. (Gold Scout Gold Awards will have to brought by the recipients for furnished by the Girl Scout office to be presented (i.e. we will not have any on hand). Eagle Scout badges and Silver Awards that were previously presented should be brought and "unpinned" from the uniform (in the hands of one of your parents and then given to the presenter to present).  This form can be found at

Who in your unit is going to be called out for the Order of the Arrow? You have to fill in the proper forms for your elections at   However if you will send in this form we can arrange it and refer to everyone being called out for the Order of the Arrow and have one place to have a list of everyone. So thanks... 

Program Schedule Change for Saturday April 26th

 The Multi-Media Presentation will now be at 6:00 p.m.  We believe that there will be no more adjustments to the programming. The campfire will remain at the same time.  We believe it would be a good idea if units/families prepared a small snack to eat at the campfire or shortly afterwards so that scouts will not be "as" hungry during the multi-media presentation.  We do not have enough time to try to distribute a snack to 4,200 people so please work as a unit to have something as we do realize it is a long time from noon to 7 p.m. (end of the multi-media presentation and walking towards dinner)

Please download your parking passes. These are for all vehicles that will either park at the campsite or will be used to attend the ceremonies on Saturday and Sunday. All vehicles not displaying the vehicle pass will not be permitted to park in the Scout Reserved parking areas. This applies equally to buses. If you are in need of a handicapped parking pass (Parking Area A), we will provide that to you. The pass does ask for your cell phone number. This is for vehicles who may be parked in the campsite areas so if there is a problem and we need to contact you we can do more easily. 2014 Normandy Jamboree Parking Pass

We will be singing a song during the Messengers of Peace Presentation, It would be great if you learned it Ging Gang Goolie. This song was written with nonsense lyrics by Lord Robert Baden-Powell for the first World Scout Jamboree  You can link to the song here  The lyrics are:

Ging gang goolie goolie goolie goolie watcha,
Ging gang goo, ging gang goo.
Ging gang goolie goolie goolie goolie watcha,
Ging gang goo, ging gang goo.
Hayla, hayla shayla, hayla shayla, shayla, oh-ho,
Hayla, hayla shayla, hayla shayla, shayla, oh.
Shally wally, shally wally, shally wally, shally wally
Oompah, oompah, oompah, oompah

It might be done as a round (wouldn't that be an impressive feat)

Campsite Allocation

Below are the campsite allocations. Just because they are on the internet doesn't mean that they cannot change. We have tried to place units that have a large number of families or leader's families in bungalows at the Port'land Campground. We have tried to honor requests for specific campgrounds. We still have more units registering. If you need to change please let us know at

If you are not staying at the campsite and you have members of your unit camping then your registration materials will be given to the leader of the unit who is camping (camp patches). You are welcome to visit the Scout Shop, participate in the events and of course join us for the Saturday meal that is part of the $30 fee.

If all of your unit is staying outside the campground (hotels, etc. your registration materials will be at Camping Port'land

Camping Omaha Beach, Vierville sur Mer


Unit Type Unit # District # offsite Wed Camp Thur Camp Fri/Sat Camp Sun Camp
Pack 7 Mediterranean 2
Troop 7 Mediterranean 2 31
Pack 8 Charlemagne 7
Troop 12 Barbarossa 22 4 4 30 4
Pack 17 Edelweiss 10 2 19
Crew 21 Barbarossa 12 12 12
Troop 40 Edelweiss 5
Crew 42 Barbarossa 4 13 15
Troop 56 Charlemagne 9 5 16
Pack 69 Barbarossa 45
Troop 69 Barbarossa 50
Troop 90 Rheingold 17 22
Pack 96 Barbarossa 7
Pack 97 Edelweiss 3 34
Troop 100 Charlemagne 7 2
Pack 112 Charlemagne 3 31
Troop 112 Charlemagne 6 38
Pack 113 Rheingold 8 17 4
Troop 113 Rheingold 12
Troop 119 Rheingold 30 26 19
Troop 141 Charlemagne 6
Pack 166 Barbarossa 30 9
Troop 166 Barbarossa 15
Troop 179 Mayflower 60
Pack 184 Mayflower 3 43
Troop 184 Mayflower 21 43
Troop 184 Harrow 4
Troop 230 Mayflower 8
Troop 240 Edelweiss 7 20 13
Troop 243 Barbarossa 3 9
Pack 245 Mayflower 19 26
Troop 245 Mayflower 4
Troop 295 Mediterranean 8 30 38
Troop GS Vicenza 11 11
Pack 303 Edelweiss 11 3 18
Troop 303 Edelweiss 29
Troop 323 Mediterranean 3 70
Troop 325 Charlemagne 7 135 3
Pack 404 Mayflower 42
Pack 457 Charlemagne 16 17
Troop 457 Charlemagne 16
Crew 511 Charlemagne 4
Troop 636 US 4
Troop 827 Katy, TX 4 4
Crew 1705 Oslo 8
Crew SA Waterloo 7 7
Crew SA Waterloo 1 1
Troop SA Solihull 4
Troop Swindon Scout Assoc. 14
Crew German Scouts 6 6
Troop N. Ireland 21 21
Eclaireurs de Caen Caen 6
Polish Scouts Paris 15 15
Welsh Scouts Wales 3
Troop Scouts de France 300

Camping Port'land, Port en Bessin

Unit Type Unit # District # offsite Wed Camp Thur Camp Fri/Sat Camp Sun Camp
Troop 2 US (Rye NY) 2 2 2
Pack 13 Rheingold 3 40
Pack 13 Rheingold 2 11
Crew 21 Barbarossa 11 11 11
Pack 44 Rheingold 15 4 12 61
Troop 44 Rheingold 11 28 28
Troop 46 Edelweiss 25 25
Pack 65 Rheingold 38 24
Troop  65 Rheingold 4 28 28
Troop 77 Charlemagne 4 10
Troop 84 Barbarossa 1 42
Troop 100 Charlemagne 2
Troop 107 Rheingold 2
Troop 130 Charlemagne 11
Pack 149 Charlemagne 20 32
Troop 149 Charlemagne 7
Pack 154 Rheingold 15 6
Troop 154 Rheingold 35
Pack 156 Barbarossa 3 34 74
Troop 156 Barbarossa 11 20
Troop 161 Charlemagne 13 2
Troop 162 Charlemagne 9
Troop 164 Barbarossa 4
Pack 165 Charlemagne 7 2 21
Pack 175 Mayflower 6 3 29 124 3
Pack 194 Charlemagne 3 12
Pack 194 Charlemagne 3
Pack 215 Mayflower 10
Troop 215 Mayflower 11
Pack 219 Mayflower 15
Troop 219 Mayflower 36
Troop 220 Mayflower 13
Pack 232 Barbarossa 19
Troop 232 Barbarossa 8 42
Pack 261 Edelweiss 10
Troop 261 Edelweiss 38
Pack 301 Mayflower 22 68
Troop 301 Mayflower 27 17
Pack 324 Rheingold 37 6 36 77
Troop 324 Rheingold 45
Troop  352 Mayflower 19 19
Troop 401 Mayflower 29 4 44
Pack 404 Mayflower 42
Pack 681 Rheingold 6 17 50
Troop 681 Rheingold 27
Troop 684 Rheingold 2 5 11
Pack & Troop 865 Charlemagne 7 2 4 24 5
Troop GS Landstuhl 19
Troop GS Anglia GS
Troop GS Spangdahlem 3
Pack LS Edelweiss 2
Troop Scouts Entente 33 33
Troop Alsace French 5
Pack SA Mildenall  3 3
Troop SA Wakefield 13 13 13
32 309 1323 23

Program Information

Here are the units that have registered for the Prayer for Peace/Unveiling of the Peace Bell. We can take up to 1500. We will not update this page but will respond to units that request with a "yes" or "we are full"


Unit Location Bayeux Cathedral
Troop 2 Rye, NY 2
Troop 60 Oberammergau 2
Marilee Bisoni Italy 2
Keller/194 Brussels 3
Troop 56 Bonn 3
Troop 77 Geneva 4
Troop 827 Katy Tx 4
Pack 656 Vermont 4
Eclaireurs de France Caen 6
German Scouts Christian 7
Crew 1705 Oslo 8
Pack 175/Troop 401 London 8
Troop 141 The Hague 12
9th Wakefield  UK 13
Pack 194 Charlemagne 13
Troop 113 Stuttgart 14
Troop 164 Sembach 14
Troop 162  Dusseldorf 15
Troop 684 Zurich 15
Troop 130 Geneva 17
Troop 161 Bitburg 17
Troop 44 Stuttgart 20
Pack 245 Alconbury, UK 20
Troop 46 Berlin 20
Troop 90 Frankfurt 22
Pack 44 Stuttgart 24
Troop 248 Aberdeen 27
Troop 215 Mayflower 27
Troop 100 Charlemagne 28
Troop 602 Shelbourne 28
Pack 215 Mayflower 29
Baltimore  Contingent 31
Pack & Troop 17 Papa, Hungary 32
Scouts Entente Poitiers 33
Troop 107 Wiesbaden 40
Pack 13 Wiesbaden 43
Troop 12 Ramstein 44
Troop 112 Paris 130
Scouts de France 300
Totals 1081

The Saturday 26 April program has changed to:

10:00 a.m.  Prayer for Peace, Ecumenical Service, Unveiling of the Peace Bell at the Bayeux Cathedral, (not a change)
 3 p.m. Campfire, St. Laurent sur Mer, on Omaha Beach
5;30 p.m. Multi-media presentation, Messengers of Peace, Program St. Laurent Sur Mer
6:45 p.m. Dinner at Vierville sur Mer
9:00 p.m. Eagle Reception Vierville sur Mer
 9:30 p.m. Fireworks Vierville sur Mer 
10:00 p.m. Taps

 Based on several requests from Packs, we will incorporate the Arrow of Light into the Crossover at the Saturday afternoon campfire. Not every Scout who crosses over normally receives the Arrow of Light, please give each Scout an index card that says Arrow of Light that he can exchange for an Arrow of Light badge. Every youth crossing over will receive a special Normandy crossover patch (regardless if they are in our council or not). The goal with this is to have Webelos to commit on Omaha Beach to being Scouts and to continue along the Scouting trail.

Metal Objects & Hiking

Please tell your youth if they are hiking on the beach to not touch and to report any metal objects. Although the beaches are usually in pristine condition, the tides can bring dangerous debris along the beach. It doesn't happen often but please be prepared! Also when hiking along portions of Omaha Beach please refrain from walking in the dunes, brush area as those are critical areas to prevent erosion. That is mainly found in the Colleville Area of Omaha Beach.

Normandy Staff Application
Leader's Guide Version 2.0 (Updated 1/27/14)
PowerPoint Concerning Normandy (Given at the Annual Conference)

 Watch this youtube video about Normandy

Choose your Normandy Activities (unit only/not individually please)
Deroulement de Programme (francais)
Indicate what activities your group would like to do (you can change) but this will allow us to notify museums, and properly prepare the number of places we need at events like the Prayer for Peace at the Bayeux Cathedral.
Useful Links
Bayeux Tourist Office (make hotel reservations, special programs) (in English)
The Lower Normandy Region 70th Anniversary of D-Day Site
Google Maps with Museums and Points of Interest and Links (we are located in Port en Bessin)


Three companies have buses available to support our units at the Normandy event. If your unit is doing the same activities it may make sense to hire a bus for a day or two days rather than driving x number of cars. Parking for many of the events will be tight. Also for those driving back it provides a bit of time not behind the wheel before the journey home.

Although the prices will be different, these companies could also transport you from Paris

Autocar Delcourt


04/25/14              395€ : one bus of 55 seats – 7.2€/person               550€ : one bus of 78 seats – 7€/p

    04/26/14               495€ : 55 seats – 9€                                                          550€ : 78 setas – 7€/p

Autocar Perier  -          04/25/14  646€ : 49 seats – 13.2€/p                             04/26//14 674€ : 49 seats – 13.7€/p

What makes this event special:
  1. Open to Scouts from all over the world, from all associations
  2. Formal opening of the 70th Anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy
  3. Recognized as a French National and Regional Event supporting youth and cultural heritage
  4. The best opportunity for all of us to work together to petition UNESCO to preserve the beaches for the future
  5. Largest gathering ever of American Scouting families in Europe
  6. Recognition of World War II Veterans with the Legion of Honor
  7. A Focus on common scouting values as Messengers of Peace
  8. An opportunity to be recognized for personal accomplishments
  9. An opportunity to experience a turning point in 20th century history and to remember those who sacrificed so much for freedom and liberty

Who may attend :Any registered member of the Boy Scouts of America in any council and their family. Especially welcome are any family members who may have served in World War II. There is no wait list; everyone who would like to come will be welcomed.  We are also welcoming Scouts and their families from any country. We look forward to the participation of French, British, German, Polish, Canadian Scouts. We also would like to welcome our Scouts and families participating in the United States Girl Scouts Overseas-North Atlantic

If you are involved in Scouting in any country and wish to participate you are welcome!
Our theme is Messengers of Peace, and we are gathering as many youth and leaders to share a message of peace, looking to the future while remembering those who sacrificed so much so we can stand together today as friends.

Dates : The actual camporee dates are Friday the 25th to Sunday the 27th of April but the campground
is open to participants before and after those dates. The formal program will begin on the evening of
the 25th and end by 10:30 a.m. on Sunday the 27th.

Fees : Per Person (ages 5+)
Two nights camping (Friday/Saturday)includes all program costs  $60 
 Each extra night camping  $15
 Registration fee for non-camping/or camping off-site      $30
 Unit Registration Fee includes wreath for Sunday ceremony and unit recognition items    $100
 Unit Fee (no wreath, no recognition items)       $25
Refunds: All refunds are subject to a 10% administrative charge and will be made after the Normandy event. If you handle funds internally, there is no charge
For example: You register 15 people to camp and then cancel 3 people before the event, and then add 3 people so your total remains 15, there is no charge as long as the unit handles the collection of fees and reimbursement of those who canceled. If Transatlantic Council reimburses the 3 people who canceled after the event, the reimbursement will be minus 10% administration fees.

Camp Site : We have a partnership with Camping Port’land in Port en Bessin, near Bayeux and about
10 kms (6 miles) from Omaha Beach. We also will have partnerships with nearby campgrounds in the
event we exceed the campground capacity. The campground besides being the largest in the area, is
also the best camp site in Lower Normandy.
We are also reserving open areas like sport fields and caravan parking areas in Port en Bessin that will be created into camping areas that are near Camping Port'land



1800-2000     VIP Reception at Camping Port’land with an opportunity for all participants to meet and greet
key BSA Scouters, Normandy patrons, World War II Veterans. Open to all youth and leaders regardless of where you are staying
2100-????    Venturing Reception at Camping Port'land. Open to Venture Crews and their equivalent in our guest's scouting organizations. This is an opportunity to meet with youth your own age and also to organize any group activities or gatherings during the course of the weekend. You will be responsible for the Messenger of Peace banner that will be presented at the Ceremony on Saturday.

10:00       Prayer for Peace at the Bayeux Cathedral. This is an ecumenical service in the first city liberated on D-Day. Our Scouts will unveil for the first time a bell designed like the Liberty Bell that is the Bell for Peace and Freedom. It will be displayed after our ceremony and then placed in the carillon on June 6th.                 
We will also be looking for about 50 people to travel to Bayeux to help pick the tulips that we will be using on Sunday to place on the graves of the soldiers buried at the US Cemetery.

1500 Saint Laurent Sur Mer

Near the National Guard Monument, and on the edge of Omaha Beach we will have our recognition campfire

We will present the Arrow of Light Award and Webelos Cross Over Ceremony conducted by the Black Eagle Lodge Ceremonies Team
We will present the Wood Badge Recognition to adults who have completed Wood Badge
We will conduct an Order of the Arrow Call Out Ceremony by the Namassakett Chapter, Black Eagle Lodge
Special Guest Remarks

We will conduct a High Court of Honor to present, Venturing Silver Awards, Girl Scout Gold Awards, and the Eagle Scout Award

 1630 The formal ceremony for the camporee along with our guests and friends in Normandy. This multi-media ceremony is being created by famed French cinematographer Daniel Charpentier. M. Charpentier provided the opening ceremony for the 60th D-Day Anniversary. Visit his website to see a sample of what we can expect.  

We will have the following themes at this ceremony
"On this spot"
"They were only 18 years old"
Recognition of Veterans with the Legion of Honor, the highest award the French government can bestow for service to the country
Save these Beaches, our petition to UNESCO to declare the D-Day Beaches a World Heritage Site
Messengers of Peace, a reaffirmation of our common values, our commitment to build a better future based on preserving our resources and recognition of our common humanity.
It will be followed by a dinner for our Scouts and Distinguished Guests served in Vierville sur Mer.
The committee will choose between a hot meal (paella) . This is included in the registration fee and a ticket will be issued for each meal as part of your packet.
We are looking to close the campfire with a fireworks over Omaha Beach during high tide.

Sunday:  9 a.m.... Closing Ceremony at the US Cemetery at Colleville sur Mer

Wreath Laying Ceremony
Grave site individual ceremonies
The bungalows are filled and we have a wait list. We do understand that although a bungalow costs as much as a hotel that for many families these are preferable to having a hotel room(s). If you would like to be on the wait list or would like us to make a reservation on your behalf please use this form.
If you would like to see the layout of the various bungalows in Camping Port'land link here
As a note, we work to fit everyone into the space they reserved so you cannot request to have a specific bungalow (well you can request but we are not able to support the request).
Each bungalow has...refrigerator, stove, microwave, shower, bathroom, blankets, pillow but you need to bring towels and bed linens and pillow cases (square pillow cases). A limited number of linens are available at a supplemental charge to paid on site to the campground. There is no Towel Service and towels cannot be provided
Based on the great job done by everyone during our previous camporees, we are not charged a deposit for the bungalow. However, if you do damage the bungalow you will be billed for the damage. If you find that there was damage before you arrived please inform the registration staff and the campground staff.
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Our service project for this weekend has already begun. We are working to have the Landing Beaches (all five) declared a World Heritage Site. This will help prevent future development. Our goal is that future generations will also be able to visit the beaches as they are today and experience the same feelings you have standing there and remembering. 
All you need to do is to help us gather as many signatures as possible. You can sign the petition and pass it on at:
If you would like to contribute to the drive and help us to cover the costs of mounting the campaign, you can support us at   With each contribution of $10 or more you will receive a special Normandy pin
Memorial for Peace, Caen
This is an outstanding museum and well worth the trip to Caen (about 30 minutes from Port en Bessin). This museum does an excellent job of documenting what led to World War II, World War II and the aftermath.
The museum is normally about 20 Euros per person and for our weekend has reduced its fees to 5 Euros for pre-reservations. Also if we know the approximate age of the youth in the group we can inform the museum and depending on the size and demand can work to provide age appropriate activities. The key though is pre-reservation and that can be done at:
 As we develop other partnerships in Bayeux, Saint Mere-Eglise, Colleville, Saint Laurent, we will provide all the discount information.
This is an outstanding event and a weekend that youth (especially older youth) and adults will
remember for the rest of their lives.

From 2011
Normandy Beach Aerial Photos
SDV_0016 copy.jpgSDV_0052 copy.jpgSDV_0071 copy.jpgSDV_0101 copy.jpg (copyright Stéphane Dévé)

Poem Read During Normandy Camporee
In The Little Wood Behind My House.pdf