Black Eagle Lodge Sample Fellowship Schedule (subject to changes)

Arrive to camp begins after 1800 hours to Camp Freedom, Munasiedlung (GPS 49.425, 10.386). Registration will run until 2100 hours.
All available arrowmen will be asked to help move pallets and do minor tasks to prep for the next work day on Saturday.
2200 hrs - Ordeal candidates are organized and prepared for their night-out.
2230 hrs - Ordeal candidates are moved to a fire for a short ceremony (need ceremony teams & Elangomats volunteers identified), followed by moving to ordeal overnight area.

0530-0630 - Ordeal candidates wake-up and have a "very light" breakfast.
0645-0700 - Begin work day *Ordeal service*
0900 - Brotherhood "walks" begin. ALL hands are required to teardown/store camp, adult brothers will be divided to assist the youth and provide leadership. Lodge chief and vice chief (Zach) will designate ordeal/brotherhood ceremony members.
TBD Completion of work; candidates complete personal hygiene and prepare for Ordeal and brotherhood ceremonies etc. Trading post will open at selected times throughout the weekend.
1400-1430 - Lodge Chief/Advisors, Elder brothers walk-through the camp ground to check camp sites and storage rooms.
1500-1730 –Ordeal and Brotherhood Ceremonies
1800-2000 - Dinner and Fellowship (Arrowmen, may depart after dinner, since there is no program scheduled for Sunday)
Award presentations (BEL Cross, others)
Activity Games - Lodge/Chapter Chiefs and Vice Chiefs lead
2015-2115 - 2nd LEC meeting with lodge/chapter leadership (Chief will bring the agenda: important topics NLS and Winter Event)
2200 - Vigil (6 candidates) begins - Lodge Advisor (s) and Vigil Guides

0600-0700 - Cold breakfast for those that remained at Camp
0900-1000 – If not able to complete on Saturday evening conduct 2nd LEC meeting.
0700-0900 – Clean-up kitchen and surrounding
0900-1000 - Departure.

Note: All arrowmen must be prepared to campout in tents (bring a tent)!! Important reminder that all arrowmen are accompanied by two registered adults in order to observe Youth Protection Program.

Here is a google map link with GPS coordinates to camp