2014 Spring Fellowship 

Camp Freedom- Oberdachstetten, Germany

May 30 - June 1, 2014 Register Here


2014 Fall Fellowship

Camp Freedom- Oberdachstetten, Germany

August 15-17, 2014 Register Here


Black Eagle Lodge 2014 Registration

Printable form

Vigil Nomination Form and OA Arrow Man of the Year Form
OA Vigil Honor Nomination
OA Arrowman of the Year
Founders Award

We now have a Sample OA Call-out ceremony script

Letter to the Parents Letter to Parents

What An OA Candidate Needs to Bring to the Ordeal Weekend
  • Great Attitude
  • Sleeping Bag/Plastic Tarp for ground cloth or bag wrap as the candidate will sleep one night under the stars
  • Tent for second night including anything that makes the tent more comfortable (air mattress etc.)
  • Work Clothes including work gloves, appropriate jacket/rain gear for season (each work project is different, can involve painting, removing brush, organizing storage areas)
  • Complete Scout Uniform (or as complete as you have), for ceremony
  • Mess Kit and personal gear (toothbrush etc.)
  • Container/Canteen for drinking (Candidates are permitted to drink as much water as they desire at any time during the induction)
National OA Website

Black Eagle Lodge's Where to go Camping guide ...
Cheerful service … that’s a hallmark of the Order of the Arrow. Part of our purpose is to promote Scout camping. To do that we’ve developed an online guide on where to go camping in Europe … but need your help! Our vision is to provide a source for Scout units to use as they plan their outdoor programs. We need feedback on the input we’ve posted there so far, plus we need more input! If you have information on a good activity for Scouts (be it camping, rock climbing, swimming pool … anything that Scouts do!) please let us know! blackeaglelodge@gmail.com