Merit Badge University 2016

(for Boy Scouts and Venturers)

Location: ACS Cobham 
Date: 30 January 2016
Registration: Counselors to register by 5 December 2015
MB Schedule available online from 5 December 2015
Scouts to register by 8 January 2016

Merit Badge University is an awesome opportunity for our Troops to pool resources so that Scouts can have the opportunity to work on merit badges which may not be available within a particular troop. How about learning Law merit badge with a lawyer for a Fortune 100 company? How about taking Theatre merit badge from a professional actor? Those are the sort of opportunities which we want to make happen for our Scouts.

Important information about this incredible extravaganza of advancement is contained in the info packet so please read it carefully.

The merit badge schedule and prep work is available as a Google doc spreadsheet from THIS LINK. The spreadsheet will be kept updated as classes are filled or additional classes are opened.

The Information Pack is AVAILABLE HERE.  There is also a suggested spreadsheet for registrations AVAILABLE HERE. Contact Luke Johnson ( to get more information.

Spring Camporee 2016 – Not HIStory, OUR Story

(for Boy Scouts & Venturers)

Location: Skreens Activity Centre
Dates: 22-24 April 2016
Registration due by 8 April 2016

In the more than 100 years since the Boy Scouts of America was started, the world has changed greatly.  Look further back, before William Boyce was guided through a London fog by an unknown scout and before Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell wrote the inspirational book, “Scouting for Boys”, and you will find that the ideals of honor, duty and citizenship, that are the basis of Scouting, have appeared throughout history.  These ideals were present in the Roman Legions.  The Mongol society was fiercely loyal to their leaders.  Even the friendly Inuit of the far north carry with them part of our universal beliefs of good citizenship.

That the Boy Scouts of America is more than 100 years old is not an event in history, but is a moment in Our story.  Join us in building great civilizations founded on our Scouting ideals and be part of the future by telling our story today.

The Information Pack is AVAILABLE HERE.  For this camporee there is also a Game Guide, which is AVAILABLE HERE.  Contact Luke Johnson ( to register or to get more information.

Cub Adventure Weekend 2016 – Cub Scouting to Infinity and Beyond

(for Cub Scouts & their families)

Location: Skreens Activity Centre
Dates: 20-22 May 2016
Registration due by 6 May 2016

Blast off for adventure this Spring with Cub Scouting to Infinity and Beyond.  We look at the Cub Scouts of today as the Boy Scouts of tomorrow.  So prepare to battle aliens, race rocket ships and take part in lots of other out of this world adventures!

The Information Pack is AVAILABLE HERE.  Contact Luke Johnson ( to register or to get more information.