Looking for a camp site in or around the Edelweiss District?
The area in and around the Edelweiss District is full of camping opportunities. With the links (to the left), chances are you'll find just what you are looking for. No unit needs to feel that they have to visit the same camp site twice!

Disclaimer: Please note that these links do not represent endorsements. They are here for your reference.

Hiking in the German/Austrian Alps
Leave your tents and sleeping bags behind as you hike along the peaks of the Alps. At night you can eat and stay cheap at one of the hundreds of rustic huts for hikers maintained by the German/Austrian Alpine Club www.alpenverein.de (you'll want to become a member before you go so you get discounts at the huts). Edelweiss webmaster's tip: ask the Oberstdorf Alpine School http://www.alpinschule-oberstdorf.de/ for a four-day tour of the Jubilaeumsweg from Oberstdorf to the Willersalpe.
Don't leave Germany before you've tried this!

Campground Tip: Youth Campground in Hollfeld
Troop 40 made this campground their base for a climbing merit badge weekend Sept 2003. This is a big campground (for 100+ campers) with excellent facilities, including picknic tables, a kitchen and dining room, a large outdoor rain shelter, and a small cabin (for those who prefer not to sleep in tents). Troops doing climbing merit badge will find just outside camp a climbing rock face which has been improved to make it suitible for beginners. The region around the campground also has LOTS of official climbing rockfaces (see "Datenbank" under www.klettern.frankenjura.com). And if you ask the campground managers really nicely, they may also lend you your climbing gear for the weekend! For details and reservations: http://www.kjr-bayreuth.de

Historic Trails-- see our resources page

Youth Campground "Waldesruh" in Eichenbirkig, near Pottenstein, in the heart of Franconia's "Little Switzerland"
Maybe one of Germany's prettiest campsites, with lots to do in the area, including:
* Visit to the neighboring castles Rabeneck and Rabenstein
* Visit the cave Sophienhöhle and the many other caves along the scenic "Promenade Trail"
* Visit the birds-of-prey sanctuary at Burg Rabenstein and see a live falconry demonstration

The campsite is privately owned by Mr. Schmidt, who only rents the site to youth groups. The site has running water, hot showers, a large central fire ring, and three picknic tables with benches, as well as a small hall that can be rented for ten euros per night. To reserve the site, have someone who speaks German call Mr. Schmidt around lunch time (12:00 pm) at 09202/873. The prices are very affordable (average 6 euros per per person per weekend).

Zeltplätze in Deutschland
Lists all the huts and campsites of the German scouts in Germany. Site is in German

Most all the campgrounds in Germany and Europe are listed here. In German

Campgrounds and Huts for Youth Groups in Oberfranken
Excellent, detailed list of campsites and huts for youth groups in the region around Bamberg (northern Bavaria). In German

Things to do in Frankonian Switzerland
Hiking, climbing, horse-back riding, caving, camping; Franconia's "little Switzerland" is a must-see for every nature-lover. In German

Scout Centers in Europe
Search for a Scout Center in Europe country by country. In English

AFRC Garmisch
Deluxe campsites with trained staff offering sailing, board-sailing, canoing, hiking, biking in unforgettable scenery. Check out their tours of the Salzburg salt mines and/or Hitler's "Eagle's nest" in Berchtesgarden.

Austrian Hut and Campsite Database
Search a database for a camp or hut in Austria that meets your criterea. In German

Austrian Scouting Home Page
The home page of the Austrian Scouts lists thier camps. In German

Guide and Scout Castle Reineck
Between Würzburg and Frankfurt. This is a popular camp in the Edelweiss District, with a full-time staff for all your program needs.

International Scout Center Bucher Berg
In Regensburg. With a trained staff to help your unit with whatever program you may wish to offer.

Kandersteg International Scout Center, Switzerland
One of TAC's primary scout centers in Europe. Offers a year-round program for your unit.